Sueboohs Corner 2017 Countdown to Valentine days TV Couple of 2016 #3 The Flash Barry & Iris

The relationship between Barry and Iris has escaped definition. They were raised together after his mother died and his father went to prison for her murder. Barry has loved Iris since they were kids growing up and deep down Iris knew but always push that feeling away. However, she could not stay away for long as they were destined to be with each other.

They are destined to be together in the future and another world, proving that there was something between them that they have yet to figure out.

Barry watched as Iris have a relationship with another man (Eddie), but he loved her and told that her he just wants her to be happy. The chemistry between Barry and Iris was electric, and everyone could see it, and after an unfortunate event, Barry and Iris shared a kiss and confessed to each other, but after running to save her father’s life he changed the timeline, and she forget their kiss.

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Their second kiss and confession came under another unfortunate when Barry’s dad was killed by Zoom, and he goes back into time creating a new timeline called flash point, where they met again and started a relationship. When Barry returns to the original timeline everything had changed, and Iris once again forgot their kiss but this time was different, and they started dating. After all, they have been through together, they finally get to have a loving relationship, and that is why Barry and Iris are Sueboohs Corner 2017 Countdown to Valentine days TV Couple of 2016 #3.  

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