Sueboohs Corner 2017 Countdown to Valentine days TV Couple of 2016 #4 #Outlander Jamie & Claire

Jamie and Claire have proven the love has no boundaries after Claire transported back in time to 1743 and met the ruggedly handsome and injured Jamie who saved her life. The connection was immediate, though Claire tried to hide her feeling with the intent to traveling back to her life and time with her husband, life had another plan for her in this new timeline.

Jamie caught Claire attention despite her fight, and they were a force to married to keep her safe, but it was an excuse that gave them the chance to act on their feeling for each other. Jamie plans a beautiful wedding because in his heart he knew that he loves this woman, he ensures that she had a beautiful dress, a ring and a ceremony in front of a priest.

After the wedding, there was still a little tension between them, and it was Jamie’s first time, and Claire was still conscious of the fact that she was married in another time. They slowly moved past their discomfort and had a night filled with love and passionate sex. 

After that night, they became inseparable and was not able to keep their hand off each other, but they had to face some vigorous obstacle. Jamie has always felt the responsibly to protect Claire from people that mean her arm and she continually did the same. The couple is always there for each other when it counts to the end; Claire tries to save Jamie’s heart and soul as his mind lingers in the torture he endured. Claire and Jamie are Number 4 on Sueboohs Corner 2017 Countdown to Valentine days TV Couple of 2016.

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