Sueboohs Corner 2017 Countdown to Valentine days TV Couple of 2016 #5 Oliver & Felicity #Olicity

Oliver return to Starling City after what we all thought was five years on the island to revenge is father’s dead; He came across a matter that was out of his control (technology), so he uses his family’s company Queen Consolidated resources and that how he met Felicity. Felicity was instantly attracted to the mysterious, handsome man Oliver Queen.

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After while though hesitant Oliver recruited Felicity help with his vigilante activities as he had no choice as she discovered his secret and she joined his team, creating the name "Team Arrow." Oliver feelings for Felicity grew stronger after many ventures, and the two fell in love but due to his dangerous lifestyle and his fear of hurting her or that she can be used against him prolonged their predetermined relationship. 


Oliver finally gave in to his love for Felicity when he planned to take the mantel of the head of the league of assassin Ra's al Ghul. Felicity and Oliver shared a night filled with love and passion thinking that their life would be changed forever, and they wouldn’t see each other again. After the defeat of Ra's al Ghul, Felicity and Oliver left Star City to begin a new life together, but after five months of living a regular vigilante free life. 

On the day, Oliver planned to propose to Felicity, Laurel and Thea came and asked them to return to Star City to help with a new threat Damien Darkh. With the encouragement of Felicity, Oliver returned to rejoin the team and face the threat of Damien Darkh and H.I.V.E. After seeing the condition of the city, Oliver decided to run for Mayor despite his warning from Damien Darkh, who late kidnapped Felicity and the other members of Team Arrow.  Oliver saved Felicity and the other member of his team and later propose to her in a public event in Star City, she accepts his proposal, and on their way home, Felicity was injured in an attack by H.I.V.E. agents and is now paraplegic. She continues to work with Team Arrow, using the codename Overwatch. Oliver and Felicity have decided to have a small intimate wedding, but life threw them another curve ball and Oliver and Felicity or off again, but we know that their love for each other will bring the two together again. Oliver and Felicity are Sueboohs Corner 2017 Countdown to Valentine days TV Couple of 2016 #5.

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